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How To Become a Bike Commuter


Five chocolate based energy snacks for the trail

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Bored of taking the sweaty, crowded subway every morning? Laraine Wyn-Jones wants you to commute by bicycle instead. Here's how. More
If you’re a chocolate lover, there is nothing like that soothing taste to make a great day of trekking even better! Jennifer Mackenzie shares her top chocolate based snacks. More
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March 20, 2015

How to Hike on the Cheap

By: The Pack Team
Mark Brightwell shares his advice on how it is absolutely not necessary to break the bank in order to get out exploring! More
Running is more than just putting on a pair of trainers and planning a route. Whatever your distance on the trail, make sure you give your body the fuel it needs. Happy running! More
Whatever your adventure, Mark Brightwell helps you work out which mountain hut is right for you! More
It's not just gnarly Everest pioneers who have to worry about Altitude sickness. Any mountain over 2,500m high, which includes many in the Alps for a start, requires special treatment and preparations. Mark Mayne shares his top tips. More
Check out our favorite headlamps for runners, perfect for dark trail runs. These trail running headlamp reviews will help you find the flashlights you need for nighttime adventures. More
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February 18, 2015

How to lace hiking boots

By: Richard Felton
The perfect bite-size snack to pop into your backpack and enjoy the outdoors. So delicious you might want to pack a few! More
The best of the bare essentials to get you speed hiking for longer and further in no time! More
Nothing beats a family adventure, but getting to your destination with the kids in tow can often be a little trickier than it should be. So here are some of the best little-person accessories you can buy. More
Family adventure expert, Tim Meek, gives us his unique take on creating the ultimate outdoor adventures for the small people in your pack. More
January 27, 2015

5 Best Trail Bar Recipes

By: The Pack Team
Whip up some tasty trail bar treats to keep you energised on the trail. Let us know your favourites! More
Getting your head around navigation will not only allow you to explore the world but it will also allow you to find your way back home. More
First time campers and adventurers? Listen up. Here are a few tips using simple items from around the house to keep you warm, dry, and your kit in order. More
January 14, 2015

Winter-busting gear

By: The Pack Team
We've hit the conceptual January sales to bring you an awesome selection of winter-busting gear that'll make anything from training in the dark to your daily commute better, warmer and happier! More
Planning on hitting the gym hard in 2015? Take our advice and embrace the smoothie. More
Take your photography skills to the next level with the latest outdoor camera equipment, from rugged smartphone cases to tools to post videos on Instagram. More
Discover iPhone film apps and accessories to turn a mediocre video on the trail into a true masterpiece. With a video rig and our tips you’ll be all set! More
Stop guessing how far you ran, how many steps you took, or what your heart rate is. This list of wearable fitness technology is great for exercise tracking. More
January 2, 2015

15 Foods You Need to Power Your 2015

By: Kate Percy
Make healthier eating a priority in 2015. Merrell has listed 15 of the most powerful superfoods to eat for a healthy and happy 2015. More
Make being stuck indoors more fun with these innovative adventure activities from Merrel like reading books, watching films and running virtual trails. More
Embrace holiday healthy eating by making the right choices about food & exercise. From chocolate orange truffles to drinks, there are many healthy options. More
Learn why batteries die in the cold, how to keep them the warm when taking winter photos and other winter photography tips. More
Use these healthy holiday eating and exercise tips to stay fit this Christmas season. When you track your holiday nutrition and balance out additional calories with exercise, you can put holiday diet tips to work before your New Year’s resolution kicks off. More
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December 17, 2014

Five Tips for Camping Together

By: Max Willcocks
Motivating others, setting guidelines, getting to know your team’s needs – when you’re the leader of the group, all these can help improve how you work together as a team. Check out our five tips for camping together. More
December 16, 2014

Holiday Trail Mix

By: Lily Simpson
Keep your energy up with this homemade Christmas trail mix recipe. With trail mix ingredients like pistachios and pecans, this winter trail mix is sure to keep you going on the trail, at home or at the mall. More
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December 9, 2014

Five Winter Workout Tips

By: Annie Bertucio
Oh the weather outside is frightful…but keeping up your exercise would be delightful. When the weather turns rubbish, it’s easy to bundle up and scratch your workout. Try these five foolproof ideas to work up a winter sweat. More
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December 2, 2014

How to Stay Warm in Winter

By: Eric Larsen
Find tips to stay warm from Eric Larsen. Keeping warm in winter is essential for avid adventurers looking to stay outside. Use Larsen’s ways to stay warm in winter. More
November 28, 2014

Food For The Winter

By: Eric Larsen
Fuel up for your cold weather training with these winter nutrition tips. Your body needs more food for winter to maintain the same energy level it does in summer. Check out these healthy foods to eat and tips for winter. More
Discover the top five waterproof gadgets you should have for adventures. From waterproof gear bags to hold camping supplies, to cases that keep your electronics from getting wet, we’ll highlight the best. More
Enjoy the offseason while staying in shape with holiday fitness tips from Merrell. This Christmas, fitness doesn’t have to be a focal point, nor does it have to fall by the wayside. More
November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips

By: Claud Serjeant
Make healthy food choices this year to avoid or reduce overeating on Thanksgiving. Traditional Thanksgiving food is always delicious, but not always nutritious – find out how you can get the best of both worlds. More
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November 18, 2014

Keep Warm and Carry on Adventuring

By: Tim Meek
Changing weather doesn’t mean family adventures have to stop. Check out these tips and winter activities for families. More
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November 11, 2014

3 Cold-Weather Running Tips

By: Fred Keeling
Whether you’re running in the rain or snow you need proper outdoor clothing and footwear to keep you warm. Find out how to be ready for cold-weather running. More

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