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Best Fitness Apps for Staying Active in the City

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How To Becoming a Running Pacer


Did You Take Your Vitamins Today?

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September 19, 2014

Did You Take Your Vitamins Today?

By: Max Willcocks
Choose the right supplements and vitamins for runners to keep you healthy and strong on race day. Discover the benefits of magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. More
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September 16, 2014

How To Becoming a Running Pacer

By: Max Willcocks
Thinking of being a running pacer? Check out these tips on how to pace someone and be an encourager on race day. More
September 16, 2014

Superfoods for Athletes & Runners

By: Rebecca Dent
What foods make you stronger and faster? Superfoods! Check out this list of superfoods for runners and other athletes for dietary tips to get your training on track. More
Check out these tips on how to improve your running time and set a new PR. Speedworkouts and proper recovery could be key to how to train to run faster. More
Find out how to have an adventure when you work 9-5. Even little outdoor activities and ability to get away for a day can satiate adventure junkies. More
Get out and explore the urban landscape with GPS, running and workout apps. We’ve put together our favorite active apps to help track and guide your workouts. More
Learn how to stay cool in heat and avoid hyperthermia or heat stress by regulating body temperature with our hot weather safety tips. More
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August 22, 2014

How to survive a bear attack

By: The Pack Team
Bear attacks are rare, but how do you make sure you don't end up as a statistic? This Merrell inforgraphic will tell you everything you need to know... More
If there's one way to breathe life into the stories of your adventures, it's to film it. Having spent 20 years as a professional cameraman, shooting celebrities and explorers, here are Mungo's three top tips on how to shoot an adventure ensure it gets seen. More
Keep your little adventurers fueled on long treks with backpacking meals for kids. When you’re off on anything other than an overnight, you need healthy recipes for kids that are light enough to carry in a pack. Check out these easy camping meals for kids perfect for thru hiking. More
Be ready for backcountry fishing with tips for fishing without a pole. If you’re wondering how to catch fish with minimal fishing gear, we’ll tell you how to do it with just a line, stick, weights, lures and hooks so you’re ready for survival fishing, should you ever need to be. More
Get tips on biking to work for a morning commute that leaves you feeling fit and fresh. Whether you bike to work solo, with a friend or in a group it’s important to be prepared, so check out our information on how to bike to work to get started. More
Check out these ways to get in shape while doing what you do every day. From walking at lunch to calf raises in the kitchen, these tips to get fit and keep moving will quickly make a difference in your fitness and energy level. More
August 1, 2014

Healthy Eating on the Trail

By: Jennifer MacKenzie
Get your food dehydrator ready – Jennifer MacKenzie has some hiking and camping recipes for healthy eating on the trail. Put in a little prep time at home and you’ll have healthy camping meals for your next trip. More
How to
July 29, 2014

How to Kayak

By: The Pack Team
Follow our tips for kayaking for beginners. From kit selection to proper technique, we’ll help make kayaking for the first time easier. More
Learn how to stay cool while running with innovative cooling products like pillows, shirts, trail shoes and running belts recommended by Merrell. More
Get tips for the best camping gear for kids when setting up sleeping arrangements for your trip. From tents to tarpaulin shelters, plan your family camp out. More
Why buy a mix when it’s so easy to make your own and you can control exactly what ingredients go into it? Hummus is indispensable as a flavor and protein booster with crackers or veggies as a snack, spread on a sandwich or even stirred into soup to thicken it. More
July 18, 2014

Homemade Energy Bar Recipe

By: Jessica Scott
Looking for the perfect high-endurance energy bar recipe? Something that’s easy to make and free from sugar & glucose syrup? The combination of the slow release oats, protein from the nuts, seeds and Medjool dates in these chewy peanut and chia seed bars gives you a strong boost of energy while balancing blood sugars. More
Discover the benefits of a running buddy or running club. Running with a group or partner can keep you accountable, help you stay motivated, and keep you from making unsafe decisions. More
July 15, 2014

Chipotle Beef Chili recipe

By: Jennifer MacKenzie
A super satisfying hot bowl of chili is made even better with a touch of smoky heat from the chipotles and your own dried vegetables and jerky. More
Do you bring music on a run or listen to the sights and sounds of the world around you? There's no right or wrong answer, and each have their own merits, but let's assume you are a music lover. How do you get the best running playlist to inspire you to outperform your best times and really leave it all out there on the trail or pavement? More
Discover quinoa’s health benefits and why you should eat quinoa for increased energy as an endurance athlete. Max Wilcocks shares his recipe for a quinoa salad with grilled chicken for an easy way to get what you need. More
July 1, 2014

Berry Chocolate Pudding

By: Jennifer MacKenzie
July 1, 2014

GORP with a Twist recipe

By: Jennifer MacKenzie
“Good Old Raisins and Peanuts” has come a long way since we were kids. Combine as many dried fruits and nuts as you like to get your favorite combination, and pack several bags to satisfy munchies on the go. More
Made from scratch, this macaroni and cheese, which needs just a couple of minutes on the stove to heat up, might just become your new favorite. More
Get tips on preparing family camping meals with these recipes from the Meeks. From mixing up trail mix for kids to breakfast, lunch and dinner camping meals, these ideas will keep them (and you) fuelled and focused on adventure. More
Get tips for planning a trip on the fly from Merrell. Wondering how to plan your next adventure? We’ll give you tips on how to plan a trip quickly so you can get underway. More
Does leading an active lifestyle make up for eating whatever you want? I always thought so, and fuelled all my outdoor activities with a diet of pizza and cake. It's carbo loading, right? Wrong. More
When Team Merrell took part in the GODZone adventure race earlier in March, they were lucky to have Graham Bird at the helm to lead them, one of the best navigators in the adventure racing world. So before the team set off on their 529km journey through some of New Zealand's most wild country, we asked him for his top tips on now to navigate with a map and compass. More
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June 17, 2014

Training While Injured

By: Laraine Wyn Jones
Learn how to stay in shape when injured by creating a modified training plan to accommodate your running injury. Cross-training workouts and strength training while injured can help you keep fit. More
From responsive, light hiking shoes to GPS trackers for cycling-crazy dads, Father’s Day is a great excuse to get your dad a gift that will help make the most of his adventurous side. If you’re struggling to find last minute gifts for dad, never fear, we’ve rounded up ten of the best camping gadget gifts for the outdoorsy dad! More
Learn how to clean sports water bottles and hydration bladders to avoid germs during training and racing season. More
You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to opt for a meat-free meal and there are a whole host of benefits to eating less meat. In 2003, Meatless Monday was launched in the US to highlight how and why eating less meat is good for you, great for the nation’s health and fantastic for the planet. More
How to
June 3, 2014

Outdoor Activities for Families

By: Tim Meek
The good thing about adventure is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s something you can define for yourself, because there is no right or wrong. More
May 23, 2014

Eat fat, lose fat

By: Hannah Richards
It’s important to manage your training diet. Hannah Richards tells us it’s about more than healthy foods. So what to eat to lose weight and repair muscles? Eat good fat, lose bad fat. More
How to
May 13, 2014

Hiking with Kids

By: Jonathan Orr
Use these hiking tips for kids to have a great time enjoying the outdoors together. Camping and hiking with kids doesn’t need to be stressful – nor does it need to hold you back from the adventure! Taking your kids hiking teaches them to love the outdoors – something they’ll carry with them forever. More
Get gear to track your run with the top GPS running watches. Whether you want to log miles, track your pace or monitor your heartrate, these are our votes for the best GPS sports watches on the market. More
Check out these downhill mountain biking tips to let gravity help you race or ride. Riding a mountain bike downhill and maintaining a competitive edge can be tricky if it’s new to you – but these tips will help. More
Hunting for the nearest bush or concealed alleyway as a matter of sudden and unexpected urgency is a scenario we’d all prefer to avoid when out running, but it’s one which most runners will have experienced at some time or another. More

Looking for tasty trail recipes, tips to learn to kayak, how to choose the right trail shoes and more? Check out the nutrition, camping, hiking and running tips from the Merrell Pack. Our outdoor advice articles are full of helpful camping tips and tricks so you can out cook, out paddle and out run, outside. Learn more to be better prepared on the trail with hiking tips to learn a new skill, get the right gear and fuel your adventure, then share your own tips and adventures with other Pack members in the comments.

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