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Best Fitness Apps for Staying Active in the City


How to Stay Cool While Running: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat


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Get gear to track your run with the top GPS running watches. Whether you want to log miles, track your pace or monitor your heartrate, these are our votes for the best GPS sports watches on the market. More
April 11, 2014

5 Best Video Head Cams

By: Tobias Mews
Never before has it been so easy to record your latest adventures thanks to the plethora of action cameras to enter the market. Whether you’re skiing, mountain biking, surfing or running, thanks to the every growing camera accessories, there’s no excuse for you not capturing that epic moment. More
Discover the best point-and-shoot cameras for hiking, running and more More
There can be no doubt that smartphone apps have revolutionized the way we use our phones.  But if you’re pulling on your hiking boots or trail running shoes and heading outdoors anytime soon, here are five of the best hiking and running apps to take with you on the trail. More
If you've ever found yourself miles from anywhere with a dead cell phone battery, you'll wish you'd invested in a portable power supply. Even the most modern of cell phone batteries struggle to keep up with the demands of new smartphones' touchscreens, GPS, cameras and array of apps. More
You spend the whole week just waiting to head out trail running at the weekend. You've got your kit and your trail running backpack ready to go, but what happens if you get out there and discover you’ve forgotten something vital? More

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