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August 19, 2014

How to film your outdoor adventures

Going on an adventure and want to film it along the way? Merrell cameraman Mungo gives some advice to help you make the film to do your journey justice!

July 29, 2014

How to kayak

Merrell Alpha Ben Gibson gives four top tips to get you started in the wonderful world of kayaking

During the GODZone, Merrell kayaking expert Ben Gibson recorded this useful video with four great tips on how to kayak. For more kayaking tips, be sure to check out our more in-depth guide here.

June 19, 2014

Tips for Orienteering and Navigating

Graham Bird shares his compass tips

Merrell Pack Alpha Graham Bird offers three useful tips for orienteering and backcountry navigation in this how to video...

May 1, 2014

Alphas Assemble: Team Merrell's GODZone Adventure (The Complete Story)

The full 25 minute documentary of Team Merrell\'s unforgettable adventure

This is the full 25 minute cut of Team Merrell's incredible adventure at GODZone 2014, where four complete strangers - all Merrell Alphas - came together to hike, bike and kayak their way accross over 300 miles of New Zealand's beautiful scenery. You can read the full story on the GODZone Epic Trail

May 1, 2014

Alphas Assemble - Team Merrell's GODZone Adventure

5 minute trailer for Alphas Assemble

In March 2014, four Merrell athletes who had never met before came together to take part in the GODZone adventure race through over 300 miles of New Zealand's stunning Kaikoura region. We documented the amazing adventure, in this five minute film of the highs and lows they experienced in New Zealand. Be sure to check out the full 25 minute cut, now showing on The Pack.

May 1, 2014

How to mountain bike downhill

Check out these mountain biking tips to let gravity take its course on two wheels

Check out these downhill mountain biking tips to let gravity help you race or ride. Riding a mountain bike downhill and maintaining a competitive edge can be tricky if it’s new to you – but these tips will help. Read the full article here.

April 25, 2014

GODZone Adventure Film Teaser Trailer

30 second teaser clip of amazing adventure

In March 2014, four Merrell athletes came together to take part in the GODZone adventure race through over 300 miles of New Zealand's stunning Kaikoura region. We documented the amazing adventure. This 30 second trailer will give you an idea of what the full film will contain...

February 13, 2014

Merrell – 2014

Out. Perform

Discover merrell footwear and apparel that helps you perform at your best in spite of the elements or technical difficulties of the trail. Whether you need trail running shoes with Vibram soles for a tough, powerful grip, backpacking grade hiking boots for your epic trail adventures or comfortable water shoes to transition easily from kayak to shore, our rugged footwear is with you to meet all your goals outside. Plus, the M-Select technologies built into our outdoor clothing help keep you cool when it's hot, dry when it's wet and warm when it's cold so you can take on any challenge Mother Nature throws your way. Out. Perform. with Merrell today.

February 13, 2014

All Out Tech Video

Unleash the power

Unleash the power of the All Out collection from Merrell. Built with the UniFly Impact Absorption System, these hiking and trail running shoes activate your body's most efficient natural form of movement. The flexible underfoot wrap of our hiking and running shoe soles creates continuous flexible contact for increased mobility and efficiency.

February 13, 2014

Merrell Uni Fly

Introducing Merrell\'s Uni Fly footwear technology

Merrell Uni Fly Impact Absorption System Activate your body's most efficient natural form of movement with our flexible underfoot wrap to create continuous flexible contact for increased mobility and efficiency. Check out this video to learn about Uni Fly footwear technology. Made of ultra-resilient, soft foam with strategically placed firmer shock pads, Uni Fly impact absorption system provides a soft landing, disperses impact and allows for a stable take off - the perfect balance of feel and protection so you can go further, faster and longer.

February 13, 2014

Men's Hurricane

The all new men\'s Hurricane trail and water shoe

Splash through streams, paddle up river, catch fish for dinner, or forge along the trail with the new men's Hurricane water shoes. These vegan-friendly, quick-dry shoes let the water drain right away, keeping you comfortable come hill or high water. Plus the snug fit and neoprene lining add padding and comfort all day long. So whether you're heading to the lake or fording a wet trail become one with the outside in our men's vegan shoes with M-Select Wet Grip to stay connected to the earth.

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