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Tobias Mews

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My Trek to the North Pole

Eric Larsen prepares for a final trip to the top
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Climbing Mount Kenya

Epic Trail

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Learn how Nate Sanel is planning to take on the longest continuous endurance race in the U.S. – the Tahoe 200. This mountain race is Lake Tahoe’s ultramarathon, and it’s going to take power, strength and mental agility to get through. More
As a fitness and health professional, my personal agenda is to increase women’s accessibility to fitness and sports in a way that dodges the pitfalls of modern pressures on female bodies. This isn’t about sugar free Jell-O and thigh gap; this is about experiencing life with excitement. More
Well, it's been a few months now since I completed my 18,000 mile unsupported world cycle. I'm still trying to find my feet and get back into the swings of things at home. It's quite a good feeling when I look back and think I've now completed everything I set out to do seven years ago, after I had a motorcycle accident. More
Take your cross training to another level with a cross-country bike trip. Learn about Merrell Pack member Anna McNuff's bike ride across America. More
It was a stupid, stupid mistake; but in mere milliseconds, I lost months of work, lost my goals, and lost a serious part of my identity and confidence. It sounds dramatic, but a training injury released a far greater crisis than I would have ever anticipated. More
Pack Stories
March 5, 2014

Introducing our GODZone alphas

By: The Pack Team
Earlier this week, we told you about our Merrell Alpha Pack adventurers jetting off to New Zealand to take part in the GODZone adventure. This grueling 300-mile-plus, multi-discipline race takes in the mountainous Kaikoura region of New Zealand's southern island. More
Sean Conway wanted a challenge and he got one: swimming from Land's End to John O' Groats had never before been attempted... More
Pack Stories
February 12, 2014

Climbing Mount Kenya

By: Michael Chambers
After a failed Everest expedition full of drama and tragedy, Merrell Alpha and experienced climber Michael Chambers set out to conquer Mount Kenya in three days. What could possibly go wrong? More
Pack Stories
February 5, 2014

Trek to the North Pole

By: Eric Larsen
Merrell Alpha Eric Larsen made an oath never to return to the North Pole. So why's he so determined to return? And why might his latest arctic expedition be his – or anyone's – last trek to the North Pole? More
Pack Stories
January 29, 2014

From completer to competitor

By: Tobias Mews
The majority of people taking part in a race simply want to finish. Their main competition is themselves. But how do you make that jump from ‘completing’ to ‘competing’? More


Camino de Santiago

Hiking the Way of St James

Torres del Paine


Overland Trek


The Ridgeway

Britain's oldest trail

Mount Kinabalu

Adventure Racing to a Summit Sunrise
Epic Trail
Camino de Santiago
Hiking the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela