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Tobias Mews

Find out more about The Pack's editor Tobias Mews and follow his epic trails
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Why race from Arch to Arc? It all started because I was bored…
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Climbing Mount Kenya

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Pack Stories
October 22, 2014

Trail Magic

By: The Tougas Family
Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail gives you a chance to appreciate the AT’s culture and community – including the blessings of trail magic left behind by trail angels to support you on your way. More
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October 15, 2014


By: Anna McNuff
The rise of female athletes and attention on women’s sports is encouraging. By increasing participation and having positive, visible role models, we can get more women in sports. More
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October 8, 2014

Cycling Around the World

By: Alice Goffart
Alice Goffart tells us what it was like cycling around the world with her family. Their bike trips are an unstructured, relaxing and fun way to experience other cultures. More
5k isn't very far. It's just over three miles, or according to my FitBit pedometer around 3,000 steps. Steps are easy, I take them every day: usually between 5,000 to 12,000 of 'em. I've been taking steps on and off, for nearly 30 years. More
Get tips from the Tougas family to avoid hiking injuries on the trail. When you’re long-distance hiking, avoiding injury is a serious concern and these tips can help you stay on your trip. More
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September 17, 2014

Something to aim for: couch to 5k

By: Alan Martin
If you missed my first post on The Pack, all you really need to know is that I am a writer first and a runner second. In fact, I may be a runner sixth or seventh depending on how enthusiastic I feel about cats or barbecue food on a given day. These blog posts catalogue my attempts at getting better. More
Discover the benefits of trail running. Cure road-running malaise and even running injuries from pavement wear and tear by hitting the trails. More
Always be better than you person best by constantly striving for a new personal record (PR). Aim each day to be better than the day before. More
Pack Stories
August 27, 2014

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

By: Ed Hewitt
Explore your city. You don’t have to be a world traveller to discover something new. Recently Ed Hewitt, a London native, set off to do some sightseeing and visit local London attractions, cementing for him the benefits of being a tourist in your own town. More

Looking for someplace new to explore? Need an adventure fix while you're in between trails? Find adventure ideas and hiking inspiration with our Epic Trails, Pack Stories and films. We know getting outside is a huge part of your life, and it's part of ours too - that's why we want to take every opportunity to share hiking and running stories as well as camping trip ideas to encourage you to step away from the electronics and head out into the great unknown.


Biking the Katy Trail

Setting across the state of Missouri on the Katy bike trail

The Green Trails of London

Conquering London's hiking trails in little over a day

Winter Trail Running in the Alps


Canoeing the Yukon River

Epic Trail
Biking the Katy Trail
Setting across the state of Missouri on the Katy bike trail