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Meet the Alphas

Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff is an adventurer, writer and former Great Britain rower. She has spent the past 5 years darting around Europe on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges. Passionate about giving children access to the same sporting opportunities that she had as a youngster, she used a recent 11,000 mile cycle through all 50 states of the USA as a platform to inspire kids to get outside, and get exploring. When not off adventuring she moonlights as a marketing manager for a  TV company.


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RT @clarissagoodwin: @AnnaMcNuff sounds amazing! What an inspiring landscape to run in - best of luck and will be supporting from mighty bl…
RT @hungrypeace: @AnnaMcNuff Amazing!!! I love New Zealand, my family life there, you'll love it! #justalittlebitjealous
RT @AnnMAltmanPhD: @AnnaMcNuff I am soooo jealous!! NZ is wonderful. Did my first "trek" on the Routeburn @ got addicted - at 50! NZ peop…
RT @Russ79Smith: My dearest adventure homie @AnnaMcNuff is going a insane adventure!! FLIP!! http://t.co/ocb4QrI91k using @Brooksrunninguk
NEW ADVENTURE: Starting in January, I'll be running 1,800 miles through New Zealand. Be my Adventure Army? Wahoooo!!! http://t.co/X510hsrUBW