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Meet the Alphas

Annie Bertucio

Annie is a strength trainer, endurance athlete coach, and fitness writer specializing in women's health and fitness. When it comes to women's fitness, Annie does not believe in a "one jean size fits all" approach.

In fact, Annie does not believe in jean size. In her writing and training, Annie focuses on developing empowered and confident women who have the health to enjoy life's adventures. Annie is an avid cyclist, yogi, gym rat, and all-around adventurer.

As a fitness and health professional, my personal agenda is to increase women’s accessibility to fitness and sports in a way that dodges the pitfalls of modern pressures on female bodies. This isn’t about sugar free Jell-O and thigh gap; this is about experiencing life with excitement. More
It was a stupid, stupid mistake; but in mere milliseconds, I lost months of work, lost my goals, and lost a serious part of my identity and confidence. It sounds dramatic, but a training injury released a far greater crisis than I would have ever anticipated. More
February 14, 2014

How to make a granola bar

By: Annie Bertucio
When you’re out on the trails and exploring, you need quick and easily digestible food to go. You can go to the store and get an “energy bar” loaded with sugars and syrups, or you can make your own. Here's how to make a nutritious granola bar, guaranteed to strike the proper fuel balance. More
Flat tires. Nothing is more irritating. Knowing how to change a bike tire or repair a flat (and having the right bike repair kit) is essential knowledge for anyone on a bike.
So check out our quick guide to changing a bike tire fast. More
Half-marathons are possibly the most addictive runs to do. If you haven’t trained for one, go find your pals and start cranking; you won’t regret it. Thirteen miles is long enough to get the endorphins flowing and leave you feeling accomplished, but short enough that you can train for it before the kids wake up. More


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