Meet the Alphas

Cat Simpson

Cat Simpson has run over 20 marathons and ultras, and has completed races all around the world. It was while supporting her husband, who has run over 100 marathons, that she got the running bug and set up the blog Diaries of a Marathon Widow to write about their exotic race adventures.

Cat now runs mainly ultra events and uses these as an opportunity to explore new places, challenge herself, and meet new, like-minded people. She has her sights set on the Atacama Crossing later in 2014, and has other big races on her bucket list like the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB).

“I want to run lots of marathons and join the Hundred Marathon Club. I also want to get the club’s crest tattooed on my backside.” These probably weren’t the exact words of my husband, Jon, but then again it was about four years ago when he embarked on his goal and there have been so many races that some of the detail has become a bit fuzzy. More