Meet the Alphas

Dustin Hinton

Dustin is our inspiration. First and foremost he is a father to an awesome 5-year-old son, Boston. Second, he is an endurance athlete that loves EVERYTHING run, bike, and swim. Dustin was 220 pounds not too long ago but decided to change his life and went from couch to 140.6 mile Ironman triathlete in one year, shedding 55 pounds in the process. Along the way he decided to knock out all the races in between including 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, and finally 140.6. And he isn’t done yet! He now lives every day to stay active, healthy, family-focused, and to inspire and motivate others to get outside.

Alpha Dustin Hinton put the Merrell Bare Access Ultra to the test this year during his Ironman training and racing. He’s here with a road shoe review and thoughts on its off-road performance. More
September 26, 2014

Bare Access Trail: An Alpha's Review

By: Dustin Hinton
Discover the Bare Access Trail running shoe with this review from Alpha Dustin Hinton. Dustin puts our trail shoe through its paces for this review, what will you put it through? More
If you love cycling and sightseeing then a bike trip might be just what the doctor ordered to rekindle that spirit of adventure. Some people call it a bike trip and some people call it a tour, but either way it means you’re going to ride from city to city and explore what that state, country, or continent has to offer. More
Off-road running can be the best therapy for the busy city dweller looking to gain fitness, get outside and enjoy nature while scratching that exploration itch that we all get while working our everyday jobs. Most of us will instinctively run along the same streets every time and barely ever wander off the beaten path of a local trail, but hopefully that’s all about to change in this guide to trail running for beginners. More
January 21, 2014

Running fuel for the trail

By: Dustin Hinton
Regardless of whether you’re heading out on a long trail run or a short trail, you’ll want a good selection of trails snacks for running fuel along the way. So what should you bring? Trail running is all about portable, lightweight, easy to eat, and functional running fuel. More
You spend the whole week just waiting to head out trail running at the weekend. You've got your kit and your trail running backpack ready to go, but what happens if you get out there and discover you’ve forgotten something vital? More
Are you looking for a Sunday morning rib sticking, long run, summit reaching, indulgence that will satisfy even the most "lumberjack" of mountain men but will still stay within the realm of healthy? Well, try out this fully loaded vegan banana french toast recipe. More
I decided it was time to set a big goal, The 140.6 mile IRONMAN Triathlon, but I wanted to do it in one year, a real Couch to IRONMAN, and I wanted to complete every race along the way (13.1, 26.2, 70.3, and 140.6)... More