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Meet the Alphas

Eric Larsen

Polar adventurer, expedition guide, dog musher and educator, Eric Larsen has spent the past 15 years of his life traveling in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. In 2006, Eric and Lonnie Dupre completed the first ever summer expedition to the North Pole.

During this journey, the duo pulled and paddled specially modified canoes across 550 miles of shifting sea ice and open ocean. Eric successfully led his first expedition to the South Pole in 2008, covering nearly 600 miles in 41 days. Eric is now one of only a few Americans in to have skied to both the North and South Poles.

In November 2009, Eric returned to Antarctica for the first leg of his world record Save the Poles expedition. This time he completed a 750-mile ski traverse to the geographic South arriving on January 2, 2010. Two short months later he was dropped off at northern Ellesmere Island for a winter-style North Pole Journey.


The international team reached the North Pole 51 days later on Earth Day - April 22, 2010. He completed the Save the Poles expedition by reaching the summit of Mt. Everest on October 15th, 2010 becoming the first person in history to reach the world's three 'poles' within a 365-day period.

Pack Stories
February 5, 2014

Trek to the North Pole

By: Eric Larsen
Merrell Alpha Eric Larsen made an oath never to return to the North Pole. So why's he so determined to return? And why might his latest arctic expedition be his – or anyone's – last trek to the North Pole? More
How to
February 4, 2014

How to use a compass and map

By: Eric Larsen
While GPS and two tracking technology might seem to be a failsafe way to route find, learning how to use a compass and map is still an effective tool. Navigating your way through any wilderness, frozen or otherwise, poses a series of challenges that can be overwhelming to even the most experienced back country traveler. More
How to
March 3, 2013

Begin with one step

By: Eric Larsen
I always enjoy traveling internationally as it provides an opportunity to learn from different cultures and gain unique perspectives. As someone who spends much of his time at the ends of the earth, it is even more enjoyable traveling to our planet’s mid point. Equally interesting in these places, is the student’s relationship with snow and ice. More


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