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Kate Percy

Athlete and cook, Kate Percy is passionate about the link between good eating and better athletic performance. Her books, Go Faster Food, FuelSmart for Race Day  and Go Faster Food for Kids put top nutrition advice for active people into practice with mouth-watering recipes.  Delicious food to power performance, Go Faster Food is designed to fuel your life so you can achieve your very best!


Kate’s work is endorsed by the likes of double Olympian marathon runner, Liz Yelling and Olympic Champion, Rebecca Romero, MBE. She is a member of the Fitness Writer’s Association and writes monthly recipe features for Running Fitness and 220 Triathlon magazines, as well as recipes and ideas on healthy eating for the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times, Runner’s World, Health & Fitness and Women’s Fitness Magazines.


Kate's imaginative and effective recipes are based on her real experience during training and racing and cooking for her very active family. Kate does most of her running in Bristol, UK, where she lives with her husband, Mark, and their three children, Helena, James and Will. For more information, visit

January 2, 2015

15 Foods You Need to Power Your 2015

By: Kate Percy
Make healthier eating a priority in 2015. Merrell has listed 15 of the most powerful superfoods to eat for a healthy and happy 2015. More
Water should be our first choice when it comes to basic hydration. It makes sense. It’s cheap and calorie-free, and instantly available from the tap. But my, oh my, it can be dull! More
Discover delicious, energy-giving, pre-race food recipes from Merrell. This Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto recipe will give you the boost you need for race day. More
Get fuelled with pre-race food ideas from Merrell. This carbo-loading recipe for Ethiopian Sweet Potato Peanut Soup with Chile and Lime not only tastes incredible, but it will also give you the energy you need to power through your race. More
Get the energy you need with protein and carbo-loading recipes from Merrell. This Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta recipe will give you the boost you need for long training runs, marathons or ultra-marathons. More
Filling, satisfying, nourishing, sustaining. A fail-safe breakfast using oats which gradually release their energy to keep your blood sugar levels nice and steady.  What’s more, studies show that oats can lower cholesterol and promote good digestion. More
February 7, 2014

Breakfast Rock Cookies

By: Kate Percy
This traditional British tea-time favourite is loaded with slow-release, sustaining carbohydrate and immune-boosting omega-3 fats and antioxidants, making an ideal pre-workout breakfast snack. More
Every car needs fuel. The more fuel in the tank, the further the car will go. The better quality the fuel, the better the car will drive. Your body works in exactly the same way. Whatever your activity, fill your tank with a nutrient-rich breakfast and you’ll keep going for longer. More
Incredibly light and fluffy and oh-so-tasty, these oatcakes will put a spring in your step! Packed with slow release, sustaining, low fat carbohydrate, good quality protein and heart-friendly omega 3 fats to boost both mood and immune system, as well as vitamins C and E and plenty of minerals, they’ll fuel your day without weighing you down. More
Can’t stomach breakfast before your workout? Training your body to run on fat?  Then treat yourself to these recovery crepes on your return. Deliciously sweet, nutty, packed with superfood flavonoids, good-quality protein, manganese, magnesium and dietary fiber, these crepes will replenish energy stores and replace salts lost through sweat, as well as help maintain steady blood sugar levels. More
January 10, 2014

Bircher muesli

By: Kate Percy
If you want to eat for endurance, then you’ve come to the right place! Created by Dr Bircher-Benner in the 1890’s as a healthy meal for his patients in his Zurich hospital, this muesli provides an excellent balance of heart-healthy, sustaining nutrients, including good quality protein, slow-release carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and cholesterol-reducing fiber. More