Meet the Alphas

Nathan Sanel

Nathan Sanel is a Vegan Ultra runner who's passion is exploring what is physically and mentally possible.  Formerly a professional snowboarder and bicycle racer, he turned to running to stay in shape after his startup business reduced his free time.   Running quickly became an obsession and he now competes in 100 mile races.

In 2011 he raced six 100 mile races in 7 months, winning the last one and setting a course record at the Bartram 100.  2013 brought an 8th place mens finish at Vermont 100 and 3rd place at the VT50K.  Having completed many of the well known races such as Leadville, Western States, Vermont and others, he has set his sites on competing in the inaugural 2014 Tahoe Trail 200 this September.

Nate writes about his adventures, nutrition and running gear on both his blog, and on, where he is the author of the "Dirty Runner" column.

Learn how Nate Sanel is planning to take on the longest continuous endurance race in the U.S. – the Tahoe 200. This mountain race is Lake Tahoe’s ultramarathon, and it’s going to take power, strength and mental agility to get through. More