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The Pack's global editorial team is dedicated to bringing you the news, inspiration and advice from the outside world. Because we're passionate about the trail and everything that happens on it.

Listening to music while running may not be for everyone, but plenty of people find it gets them motivated to literally go that extra mile. Well, new research backs up that music can help you get in the zone before and during a run, but also suggests that music post workout can result in a faster recovery! More
We've known for some time that moderate exercise and carefully monitored post-workout intake of food and fluids has the more benefits for your immune system in the long run than going full throttle, but it appears that there's a magical ingredient on most people's shelves that will help your exercise recovery: ginger. More
July 25, 2014

#trailporn photos week 6

By: The Pack Team
Every week on The Pack, we try to bring you amazing stories from people having amazing adventures all over the world. But the truth is you Merrell readers and fans are having your own fantastic adventures every day too, and plenty of you are documenting it as you go. More
The 135-mile route of Badwater is infamously known as “the world’s toughest footrace” due to extremely high temperatures and its sheer length. Finishing the race once is a pretty massive achievement. q More
July 18, 2014

#trailporn photos week 5

By: The Pack Team
Every week on The Pack, we try to bring you amazing stories from people having amazing adventures all over the world. But the truth is you Merrell readers and fans are having your own fantastic adventures every day too, and plenty of you are documenting it as you go. More
What are the chance of being hit by lightning? Minimal. What are the chances of being hit by lightning while on the trail, AND THEN to pick yourself up and continue running? Even more minimal. Well try telling that to Adam Campbell. More
We'd all rather be outside than sat at a desk, no doubt, but now there's even more reason not to slump in a chair for too long. Sitting and exercise have a negative correlation - too much sitting actually decreases the health benefits of our exercise. More
Do you find 5k races a bit too competitive and tiring? Do you aim for a bit more relaxation with your pacing, and prefer to avoid the pressure of beating your best time? Gloanna may be for you, and it's on its way to New York. More
The toughest marathon in the world is days away, but controversy has changed the vibe in 2014. More
July 11, 2014

#trailporn photos week four

By: The Pack Team
That's where #trailporn Friday comes in: we'll post your best photos of your adventure with a full credit. If you want your shots to be included, tag your posts on Instagram with both #merrell and #trailporn or tweet us at @merrelloutside with the same hashtags. More
Pack Stories
July 9, 2014

Swimming the Mighty Amazon River

By: The Pack Team
Learn more about Martin Strel and how he broke a long-distance swimming record when he swam the Amazon River in 2007. Battling piranhas, crocodiles, exhaustion and several near-death experiences while swimming the Amazon, Strel made it through. More
Do you bring music on a run or listen to the sights and sounds of the world around you? There's no right or wrong answer, and each have their own merits, but let's assume you are a music lover. How do you get the best running playlist to inspire you to outperform your best times and really leave it all out there on the trail or pavement? More
What began back in 1979 has transformed into one of the world’s most scenic and sought after marathons. 2014 proved to be no exception on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia as the Gold Coast Marathon took place in front of thousands of excited fans. More
It's Independence Day! No doubt you're enjoying the day to take in some of the amazing sights up and around the country. But once you're back from the trail, what better way to celebrate 4th July than with a fine American Craft Beer? More
Every week on The Pack, we try to bring you amazing stories from people having amazing adventures all over the world. But the truth is you Merrell readers and fans are having your own fantastic adventures every day too, and plenty of you are documenting it as you go. More
April 15 2013 will forever go down in history as one of the most tragic days Boston has known. Bolyston Street was the scene of horror just a year ago, where two pressure cooker bombs exploded towards the finish line at the Boston marathon. The city of Boston, however, has rallied around each other and come back stronger than ever. More
For some of us, the feel of a good run is all we need to get out there and get on the track. For others, a reason to go outside is essential to keep up the good habit. Enter Good Gym, a brilliant not-for-profit organization gradually spreading across Great Britain. More
June 27, 2014

#trailporn photos week two

By: The Pack Team
Every week on The Pack, we try to bring you amazing stories from people having amazing adventures all over the world. But the truth is you Merrell readers and fans are having your own fantastic adventures every day too, and plenty of you are documenting it as you go. More
The Western States Endurance Run remains one of the world’s truest tests of endurance, and this year will be no exception as the competitors ready themselves for the 2014 event, taking place on June 28 – 29. More
June 25, 2014

Great Pacific race underway

By: The Pack Team
Billed as 'the biggest, baddest human endurance challenge on the planet', the inaugural Great Pacific Race sees teams from around the world rowing from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. More
In an amazing feat of endurance, 45 year old Englishman Steve Birkinshaw has run 320 miles, ascended 36,000 meters and touched 214 hill and mountain peaks in just six days and 13 hours. If this sounds record breaking, it's because it is - the previous best for the route was set by Joss Naylor in 1987, and he did it 12 hours slower. More
Tomorrow sees the annual Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon return for its sixth year running. The event is will attract around 18,000 runners, with the whole event punctuated with live music, including live post-race performances from Sir-Mix-a-Lot and The Presidents of the United States of America at Seattle Center. More
June 20, 2014

Pack Photography Week One

By: The Pack Team
When Team Merrell took part in the GODZone adventure race earlier in March, they were lucky to have Graham Bird at the helm to lead them, one of the best navigators in the adventure racing world. So before the team set off on their 529km journey through some of New Zealand's most wild country, we asked him for his top tips on now to navigate with a map and compass. More
Usually world records are broken by the smallest of margins – a few seconds here and a few inches there. Austrian Christoph Strasser shattered his own cross-country biking record by almost seven hours when he crossed the finish line in Annapolis in the Race Across America on Wednesday morning. More
Proving that you're never too young to set goals and smash them, Jonah Gorevic, a 10-year-old from Rye, N.Y. has broken the World Record time for the mile run by a 10 year old. More
This is not just another lazy weekend. Tomorrow marks the seventh annual National Get Outdoors Day, which is then swiftly followed by Father’s Day on Sunday. Throw some good weather into the mix, and you've got the perfect weekend for outdoor adventuring. More
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France, and to pay tribute to the seven countries that took part, athletes and soldiers from each country will run over a route between Utah Beach (Manche) and Caen (Calvados) and stop through 14 'checkpoints,' located at places of high historical value, to honor the past. More
A couple of months ago we reported on the Jim Ryun Festival of Miles, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Olympic silver medalist and politician Jim Ryun breaking the four minute mile - the first time a high school boy had achieved the feat. Well appropriately enough two competitors managed to break the four minute mile in San Diego - one of them for the very first time. More
With Merrell’s Down & Dirty season in full swing, we caught up with Scott Sweeney an OCR obsessive - that’s obstacle course racing for those of you who’ve never spent a weekend in a mud pit. More
It's not every day we get to see world records broken, and few are as awe-inspiring as the one set by 91 year old Harriette Thompson, who has set a new and incredible time to beat in the 'female, 90 and over' category. More
In less than a week, 18,000 runners will gather in Pietermaritzberg, South Africa, for the world’s largest and oldest ultra marathon - Comrades. More
May 26, 2014

New peaks to conquer

By: The Pack Team
Nepalese government offers climbers the opportunity to be the ‘first’ to set foot on one of the 104 newly opened Himalayan peaks More
A 61-year-old Illinois man is currently running 11,000 miles around America for cystic fibrosis. More
Noah Bliss falls just one minute short of his record-breaking time, during the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in an unofficial time of one hour, 38 minutes and 17 seconds. More
It's very easy to jump in the car to travel a mile or two to pick up a carton of milk, but a new partnership between Jawbone, the maker of the Up fitness band, and Automatic, maker of an activity tracker for cars, aims to put a stop to unnecessary driving. More
Running with headphones can make us unaware of our surroundings, which is especially treacherous while navigating urban streets. How often have you thought that honking horn was just part of the track? More
The Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race swept through Los Angeles last month and is about to land in Miami, before tearing into nine other US cities before the end of the year. More
A 104 year old man has set a new centenarian record in Europe for running a 100m race. The record was previously held by somebody eight years his junior. More
The Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS) has recognized a new single-age record for 10 year old Noah Bliss' one hour, 37 minutes and 15 second half marathon time, achieved at the Wisconsin Half Marathon on May 3. More
As previously documented on The Pack, one of our Alphas Eric Larsen is on his way to the North Pole, and we're delighted to report that he has reached his goal! More
Excess alcohol during periods of training can leave runners more prone to injury, according to a report from The Guardian. While it notes that the odd glass of wine "won't result in anything amiss", it suggests that five or more drinks on a Friday or Saturday night could "wipe out" months of hard graft. This is due to a number of factors. More
Announced by Pentagon officials last week, a policy shift means that new active duty soldiers will be supplied with American-made athletic footwear, in line with the Berry Amendment, a 1941 legislation that means the Pentagon is required to buy boots, uniforms and certain other items that are 100-percent US-made. More
Well today we're proud to announce the release of a full documentary exclusively on The Pack. We've made two versions: a shorter 5 minute version, and a longer 25 minute edit. Both can be viewed on The GODZone's Epic Trail page. More


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