Meet the Alphas

Rin Cobb

Rin Cobb is a clinical & sports performance dietitian specialising in endurance sports & expedition nutrition.  She has covered a variety of clinical areas including nutrition support, weight management, diabetes, childhood nutrition and eating disorders.

Her passion for sports nutrition and challenging the human body including her own, has led her to further her studies in Sports and Exercise Nutrition enabling her to assess and advise athletes from all sporting backgrounds.

Rin's adventurous streak has led her to undertake expeditions to the Arctic, jungle and Himalayas both as a young explorer and leader.  Whilst her enthusiasm to challenge herself resulted in several 'long runs' such as the Marathon des Sables.

Rin started PND Consulting in 2012 and has worked with a range of athletes from atlantic rowers to ultrarunners devising bespoke nutrition plans and race packs helping them reach their potential.

You can find out more about Rin from her website or on Twitter.

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