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Sean Conway

Sean Conway is an author, endurance swimmer and adventure seeker who in 2013 became the first person in history to swim from Land's End to John O' Groats. Having previously cycled the 1,300 mile length of Great Britain, he intends to complete the triathlon this year by running it.

Sean Conway wanted a challenge and he got one: swimming from Land's End to John O' Groats had never before been attempted... More


Sorry. Change of plan. Looking for Exmoor campsites now. Any suggestions. Cheers!
Can anyone recommend a good campsite in Brecon Beacons? Somewhere to go write my book for a week?
Needed new track bottoms. Ran into shop and bought first pair I saw. Didn't realise they... http://t.co/A9QtHdcjTT http://t.co/TpDjRhoBXU
Feels like an omelette. Beats eggs. Pours eggs in pan. Cooks for a bit. Flips omelette . . . . this scrambled egg is going the amazing.
RT @acetalent: Our brilliant motivational speaker @Conway_Sean joined @iamradzi on CBBC's WILD this week http://t.co/7jRIOc37Mr