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Merrell to kit out new US troops


Five unusual ways to run a marathon

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Through our Pack Projects program, we award grants of up $2,500 to encourage people to spend time outside and to have their own active adventures in the great outdoors. These grants have made a difference to hundreds of lives, increasing participation in outdoor pursuits and creating connections between both children and adults and the outdoors. More
Merrell is a proud partner of the American Hiking Society's National Trails Day® (NTD), a celebration of America's magnificent Trail System, and will occur this year on June 1, 2013. More
January 16, 2012

Connecting to climb

By: The Pack Team
Connect experienced climbers with unexperienced climbers as an opportunity to teach and learn. Introduce young people to a challenging outdoor experience that they may not otherwise access. In this way, Alpine Mentors brings the next generation of passionate alpinists into the fold. More

Passionate about the outdoors? So are we! Find out more about Merrell's causes, community involvement and conservation efforts. Whether we're running for charity or promoting mental health through outdoor activities, we're dedicated to bringing outside adventures to everyone. Learn more about what we're doing and how you can get involved today.

Epic Trail

Canoeing the Yukon River


Find out more about The Pack's editor Tobias Mews and follow his epic trails read more
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