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December 29, 2014

Merrell Executive’s Top Gear Picks

By: The Pack Team
Have you ever wondered what Merrell gear might suit you best? Read on to see what Merrell products our executives picked as their favorites. More
December 28, 2014

Chocolate GORP and Backpacking Boots

By: The Pack Team
Strong, enduring & durably constructed, the new backpacking-grade hiking boots from Merrell are perfect for any wilderness adventure. Check out the new Crestbound hiking boots with this backpacking gear review. More
December 18, 2014

Essential Outdoor Gear

By: The Pack Team
Our Alpha Pack members share their most essential outdoor gear – the stuff they couldn’t go out without. Get some outdoor gift ideas for you or a friend with this list of the best outdoor gear. More
December 16, 2014

Free shipping for the holidays

By: The Pack Team
Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the outdoors person in your life, but don't want to brace the shopping panic that fills December on the high street? Well good news, because has free shipping on all orders for the holiday season! More
November 1, 2014

Win winter gear with Merrell!

By: The Pack Team
October 24, 2014

Merrell Verterra Hiking Shoe Review

By: Tobias Mews
Discover the newest Merrell hiking shoe, the Verterra. Lightweight hiking shoes, the Verterra is perfect for speed hikers. Learn more with our Pack hiking shoe review. More
Alpha Dustin Hinton put the Merrell Bare Access Ultra to the test this year during his Ironman training and racing. He’s here with a road shoe review and thoughts on its off-road performance. More
September 26, 2014

Bare Access Trail: An Alpha's Review

By: Dustin Hinton
Discover the Bare Access Trail running shoe with this review from Alpha Dustin Hinton. Dustin puts our trail shoe through its paces for this review, what will you put it through? More
September 19, 2014

All Out Rush: Blogger Verdict

By: The Pack Team
A little while ago, we revealed what running bloggers have been saying about our All Out Fuse running shoe, and now it's the turn of the All Out Rush trail running model to come under the spotlight. One of our most popular lines, the show has an average rating of 4.6/5.0 on Amazon, but we're always curious to hear what the running bloggers of the internet have to say about the shoe, so without further ado, it's over to them More
September 8, 2014

Competition: Gear up and Get out!

By: The Pack Team
Summer's over, but Merrell believes that getting outside and enjoying nature should be an all-year-round pursuit, so for us the start of Fall is prime hiking season! More
The All Out Fuse running shoe has been impressing runners around the world with its lightweight feel and stylish looks, designed for traction, responsiveness and control on the trail. More
We've known for some time that moderate exercise and carefully monitored post-workout intake of food and fluids has the more benefits for your immune system in the long run than going full throttle, but it appears that there's a magical ingredient on most people's shelves that will help your exercise recovery: ginger. More
It's very easy to jump in the car to travel a mile or two to pick up a carton of milk, but a new partnership between Jawbone, the maker of the Up fitness band, and Automatic, maker of an activity tracker for cars, aims to put a stop to unnecessary driving. More
Running with headphones can make us unaware of our surroundings, which is especially treacherous while navigating urban streets. How often have you thought that honking horn was just part of the track? More
Well today we're proud to announce the release of a full documentary exclusively on The Pack. We've made two versions: a shorter 5 minute version, and a longer 25 minute edit. Both can be viewed on The GODZone's Epic Trail page. More
Rumors are gathering that Nike is planning on leaving the fitness hardware game, after a report surfaced that Nike had laid off as much as 80 percent of its Digital Sport hardware team. This includes the majority of people who worked on the FuelBand tracker More
Women's Running magazine has listed it's best running shoes for every occasion, and we're delighted to report that the All Out Rush shoes were crowned the winners in the trail running category. More
April 21, 2014

Product focus: AllOut Blaze

By: The Pack Team
A while ago, we spoke to Mark Pavsec, the Business Director from the Performance Outdoor Footwear department, about the design challenges of the Grassbow light-weight hiking shoe. We managed to get a little bit more time with him to discuss the AllOut Blaze line. More
A new addition to the Merrell line added recently is the Grassbow light weight hiking shoe for men. It hit stores a few weeks ago, and we caught up with Mark Pavesek the Business Director from the Performance Outdoor Footwear department to find out who the shoe's for, what it does differently and whether it's the shoe for you. More
Smartphones are already an incredibly useful accessory for hiking and trail running, but the big mobile manufacturers seem to be moving further down the road of health and fitness as an added benefit for their technology. More
We've teamed up with MapMyFitness to offer some fantastic Merrell prizes in the Out.Perform 'Hike Mt. Blanc' Challenge. We challenge users of the app and website to hike and run your own 103 mile epic trail between March 3 and April 20 2004. More
Flyfit is a new wearable fitness tracker with one small but crucial difference – it’s designed to fit around your ankle. This might seem like a subtle distinction from the wristbands that dominate the market, but think about it, which body parts are the engine behind most exercise... More
Lightweight, flexible and combining ample ground feel with effective protection, the All Out range of hiking and running shoes is a study in minimalism. A flexible underfoot wrap mobilizes the arch and the design activates the body's natural form by creating continuous ground contact for increased flexibility and efficiency. More
October 13, 2013

Hike hard, rest easy

By: The Pack Team
Since 1981, Merrell’s been the footwear that gets you to the mountain - built with innovation & exceptional design. Nothing proves this more than the development and story of our infamous Jungle Moc. Brought to you in ’98 from one man’s idea for a new category that changed the industry. More
Proper running form is important to the health and strength of your muscles and joints. Barefoot running is all about re-training your body to run the way it was designed to run. More
September 29, 2011

Merrell Road Glove review

By: The Pack Team
Merrell took the formula that made the Trail Glove a success, worked out a few details based on feedback from the barefoot running community, and developed a shoe that did exactly what a good minimalist shoe should- make you forget it’s there. More

Take technology on the trail or leave it at home. Whether you prefer to be electronics-free or want an app to log your miles, our outdoor gear reviews will give you the low down on the best of the best in running products, hiking gear and more. Wondering which Merrell shoe is the best fit for you're next adventure? Here you'll also find hiking and running shoe reviews of new products. Check out our camping gear reviews and overviews of the latest gadgets and more to hit the market to find what your looking for, or visit the outdoor gear section of our site for more information on the various gizmos available for the trail.

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