How to
March 3, 2013

Begin with one step

By: Eric Larsen
I always enjoy traveling internationally as it provides an opportunity to learn from different cultures and gain unique perspectives. As someone who spends much of his time at the ends of the earth, it is even more enjoyable traveling to our planet’s mid point. Equally interesting in these places, is the student’s relationship with snow and ice. More
I decided it was time to set a big goal, The 140.6 mile IRONMAN Triathlon, but I wanted to do it in one year, a real Couch to IRONMAN, and I wanted to complete every race along the way (13.1, 26.2, 70.3, and 140.6)... More
As soon as the summer ends, I always seem to struggle with sticking to my regular workout routine. There are fewer warm, sunny days and my New Year’s motivation is months away, so it's almost like I'm in no-man’s-land. But, I know if I don’t fit in some quality sweat sessions during the fall, I'll celebrate the holiday season with a few extra pounds on my small frame—and it’s tough to feel festive when my clothes are too tight! More
July 11, 2011

Life outside the cubicle

By: The Pack Team
Meet our friends James and Kirsten, who did act on this. They will be taking a one year break from their jobs to pursue their own adventure of climbing all 56 14ers (56 Colorado Mountains of 14,000ft or higher) and continuing their journey onward to South America! More