Hike more, Worry less with the Brand New Moab 3

For over 15 years, the Merrell® Moab has been the choice of hikers when a choice needs to be made, making it the bestselling hiker in the world. Famous for its out-of-the-box comfort, durability and all-purpose versatility, its predecessors have enabled over 28 million people to step further outdoors. The all-new Moab 3 Mid features a new more supportive insole, a softer more cushioned midsole, redesigned upper, and a best-in-class Vibram outsole without changing the fit that made the Merrell Moab famous around the world. Our newest generation is the most environmentally friendly Moab ever, utilizing recycled materials in construction.

When the Merrell Moab 3 was debuted in late spring 2022, it was an improvement over its forerunner with a new footbed, more recycled materials, and only minor adjustments to the cushioning and traction. A better footbed, a more cushioned midsole, stickier Vibram TC5+ soles, and more recyclable materials are some of the adjustments made to the Moab 3.

More Comfort

The redesigned insole offers more cushioning under the ball of the foot than Moab 2 and provides exceptional arch support.
The Moab 3 has a twin relief pods that are strategically positioned below the heel and forefront to provide greater stability and cushioning throughout the mid-foot while you trek across difficult terrain, an improvement over the Moab 2.

More Cushioned Midsole

Compared to Moab 2 EVA foam, the midsole SRC foam improves consistency and provides more room for rebound. It has just the right amount of forefoot flex to be a smooth walker, and the thick cushioning isolates your foot well from rocks and roots on trail over extended distances.

Best in class Vibram Outsole

Formulated exclusively for Merrell, The Moab 3 sports Vibram® TC5+ outsoles providing exceptional traction for outdoor  multi-sport activities. The non-marking sole provides improved grip, traction, durability, and flexibility. Upgraded lugs and toe shapes provide even more stability. Tested for the best outdoor performance, you can feel confident in every step.Offering a stronger grip in mud and dirt, the Moab 3’s outsole design and lug pattern has been altered for improved traction and stability on the trail.

Recycled Materials

The new Moab 3 stresses the value of sustainability and uses 100% recycled laces and webbing
and a 100% recycled breathable mesh lining. All of this without affecting the performance, it is a nice addition that clearly improves its worth.

Comfort and Protection

Additionally, reinforcements around the toes sides further protect your feet from impacts. For most on-trail activities, the Moab 3’s deep and increased cushioning in the upper, heel, and underfoot offers extensive protection. Fans of the Moab 2 will be excited to know the new Moab3 shares the same last providing a consistent fit and out-of-the-box-comfort fans of the Moab know and love.

The Moab collection’s legacy of excellent build quality is carried on by the newest third-generation model. The Moab 3 will meet your requirements if you’re seeking a hiking boot that is robust and supportive, has a roomy, protective toe box , and keeps water out. If you appreciate cushioning and a smooth stride for day walks and on-trail trekking, the Moab 3 is a great fit.




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