CDTC Pledge to Protect – Akuna and the Importance of Trail Community

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) talks to Merrell Ambassador and Triple Crowner Will 'Akuna' Robinson about the importance of trail community. Throughout the month of August, CDTC and its sponsors are asking the Continental Divide Trail community to join the Pledge to conserve and protect the CDT. This initiative includes committing to support a trail community that honors, welcomes, and reflects both the faces of our country and the many different historical, cultural, and spiritual stories that have shaped the landscapes of the CDT.

The 10 Essentials for Hiking

It’s the end of weekend and you’re preparing yourself for the work week ahead. But your mind is running a mile a minute after having had lunch with Sam, who shared their incredible experience with you on their vacation up in the mountains. There was a certain glow to them, a weirdly infectious excitement as they moaned about the crazy elevation and laughed in the face of long mileage days, sharing their hilarious gear failures and an embarrassing moment that may or may not have involved a bear and pants around the ankles.