Footcare in the Backcountry

You have done it. You went from a walk in the woods to disappearing for a weekend. Everything you need to survive is strapped to your back. With no warm shower and loofa waiting for you at the end of today’s hike, what are the best ways to stay comfortable for Day 2 and beyond? Below are a few tips to keep your feet happy out of the trail no matter the terrain or destination. 

  • Cleanliness is happiness: If you feel a rock wrestling around in your shoe, find a place to rest for a minute to fish it out. The sooner the better an annoying pebble can turn into a trip ruined quicker than you think. Try the Moab 2 Mid for a tighter feel to keep the outside out. 
  • Dry feet= happy feet: it is not always possible but trying to keep your feet dry out on the trail is a wonderful way to keep them happy. A pair of wet wool socks can rub leading to a hot spot quickly. If you must cross a river along your path, try to pack a spare pair of socks to change into. 
  • Cold streams: So, you have reached the campsite for the day and your hot tired feet deserve to be pampered. If you can find a cool mountain stream or lakeside, there is no better relief than dipping those toes and feeling the crisp, cool water rush over them. Stay a while and pack the Hydro Moc for only 420 grams of shoe but endless comfort in rocky streams. 
  • Elevation relief: No cold body of water? Laying with your back on the ground and legs vertical against a tree or even laying up in a hammock can help improve circulation, giving your legs a much-deserved break. Perhaps enjoying a snack (here are ten we recommend). 
  • Comfortable boots are clutch: it is hard to go wrong with a pair of Moab’s for these types of situations, known for their out-of-the-box comfort. Comfy, broken-in hiking boots with solid traction will make a world of difference when you are out trying to enjoy nature.