Hiking for National Walking Day

In celebration of National Walking Day, Merrell got outdoors with Ramsey Outdoor, All Colors in Nature, and Wild Earth NY over in northwest New Jersey. 

More about the fun! 

What started as a cloudy and chilly morning (with so many bugs, ick!) quickly turned into a sunny, warm day filled with fabulous company and many laughs. 

The Merrell Mid-Atlantic Rep, Monika, had a chance to talk with countless people throughout the day, from event attendees to folks enjoying a beautiful day outside that stopped by the table.  

What does nature mean to you?  

One thing is for certain – it is truly incredible and heartwarming to hear of all of the different meanings that the outdoors hold for everyone. 

Let’s name a few! 

  • Finding stillness in a crazy world – meditation  
  • Exercise! 
  • Pushing mental and physical boundaries to see what you can achieve 
  • A place to socialize 
  • Enjoying nature’s gifts 
  • Practice photography 
  • Helps to clear the mind 
  • Learning more about ecology and the environment 
  • Fresh air! 

So whether you call it a hike, a walk, a jaunt in the woods, or otherwise – the outdoors gives you a space to step away from the crazy pace of every day and make it whatever you want it to be! 

Share with us how you got outside to celebrate National Walking Day and tell us – what meaning does the outdoors hold for you? Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook – and better yet, join the Merrell Hiking Group on Facebook. 

Who joined Merrell and Ramsey Outdoor on the trail? 

All Colors in Nature: A group of 3 Afro-Latin’s promoting diversity, inclusion, and visual representation within the great outdoors. 

Wild Earth NY: A non-profit that leads transformative nature immersion experiences that cultivate character, confidence, passion, and perseverance in New York’s youth.