How to Lace Hiking Boots

Whether you’re going for a casual hike, bushwhacking through a forest or taking on some of the toughest and steepest mountain terrains known to man, there are a few golden top tips you can do with the laces of your hiking boots to optimize your performance and comfort. Below you will see 3 different methods on how to lace hiking boots.  Some are designed around the terrain you may be doing and the others are designed to relieve pressure on your foot, which can be crucial for hiking longer or harder.

Reducing top of foot pressure

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If you have a high instep or simply pain across the top of the foot then this is the one for you. This technique can also be beneficial for long descents, where we aggressively flex our foot inside the boot. It is important to note that the ‘window’ can be moved one eyelet down if your foot pressure tends to be in that area.

Heel lock technique

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This technique is ideal if you’re prone to heel slip, blisters or you simply need extra security when hiking up or down hills, when the heel can be subjected to high forces.  However, it does mean that it’s a bit trickier to take off the shoe, as you need to properly loosen the laces.

Parallel Lacing

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This is an alternative to the first technique in that it removes pressure from the top of your foot – something that can occur when breaking in new shoes – although we hope you won’t have this problem.

If you’ve got a technique that you think works for you, let us know on Instagram.