Learning is Greater Outdoors

Reading, finding wildflowers, or discovering new ways to hit the trail? What are your favorite ways to learn in the outdoors?

The #DoItOutdoorsChallenge is a go. What crazy indoor thing are you going to do outdoors to celebrate Great Outdoors Month? Tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured on our gram!

Share how you discover and learn in the outdoors and use #DoItOutdoorsChallenge.  To help you explore, we are partnering with Outdoorsy to give away an outdoor adventure prize pack worth over $1K. Enter to win here.

Learn How to be Safe While Hiking.

For #GreatOutdoorsMonth we will be providing some trail tips this week to help you better enjoy the outdoors! Here are our Top 5 Hiking tips for beginners!

1) Choose the right trail. Make sure to choose a hike that takes into consideration how much time you have, your fitness level, weather, and trail conditions so you are prepared ahead of time.

2) Bring the right gear. After researching your hike, make sure you have the right gear for the trail. Be sure to bring weather appropriate clothing, extra water, sun block, a cell phone for emergencies, and the right footwear for the terrain.

3) Be safe! Be sure to stick to well-marked trails, keep an eye on changing weather conditions, and always tell a friend where you are going and when you are back in case you dont return on time.

4) Trail Etiquette. Practice Leave No Trace principles so you and others can enjoy nature in a safe and sustainable way for years to come. Always pack out what you pack in, leave what you find, be respectful of wildlife and other visitors.

5) Have fun! Need we say more?

You can read more about Things to Consider Before Hitting the Trail here.

Mentoring is Better Outdoors

This month, we asked our partners at BBBS to show us how mentoring is #GreaterOutdoors. This fun outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to have an outdoor adventure with the kiddos in your life!  Read more and download the Scavenger Hunt here.