#StopHateForProfit. We’re standing in solidarity with the Anti-Defamation League® (ADL), Color of Change, NAACP and many others working to be change agents to create a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow. We’re stopping all advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the month of July in order to help drive the urgent need for Facebook to take action to rid the hate speech, methods of voter suppression, and misinformation being spread on their platforms. Learn more at StopHateForProfit.org.

At Merrell, we believe in the simple power of the outside. No matter who you are, where you came from, who you love or how you move – everyone should be welcome in the outdoors and wherever life takes us. How can everyone feel welcomed in the outdoors when they don’t feel safe moving through their everyday lives? How can you feel like you belong in this world when you’re consistently reading hateful, racist and violent messages on your social feeds? How can positive change happen through our political systems when all voices are not represented through our fundamental right to vote?

Stopping our paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the month of July is one small step we’re taking to build a better tomorrow. We’re committed to The Trail Ahead and how we can do our part to bring us all together through the awesome power of the outdoors.