Why Trail Running?

Trail running provides solace, community, and a sense of personal strength. It encapsulates so many things, and yet it is so simple. All that’s required is an open heart and a pair of trail shoes.


Trail running offers a variety of benefits, ranging from physical to mental. If you’re unsure whether or not trail running is for you, hear us out.

It Offers a Greater Connection

  • Nature 
    Trail running allows you to see so much in such a short period of time, and demands your attention to avoid things like roots and rocks—a great form of escape and mindfulness.
  • Self  
    Trail running is a transformative experience: running varied terrain can enhance your agility, endurance, and overall strength. It’s also been proven to offer a variety of other health benefits, like elevated cognitive performance, endorphin production, and stress reduction, to name a few. Recent studies have shown that running has effects similar to those of meditation.
  • Community 
    Trail running has a way of creating bonds between people, no matter if you’re passing another runner on the trail, shopping for new shoes in a store, or part of a run club. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see trail runners slowing down during races to help competitors. This mentality builds community around becoming your best self and pushing personal limits, not beating the runner next to you.

It’s Easy to Start
Trail running is simple, straightforward, and easy to get into—there are no requirements or classes you need to take. And it’s inexpensive. All you need is the right shoes and you’re good to go.

It Can Be a Solitary or Group Sport
Trail running is an activity that can be done solo or with others. Unlike with rock climbing or backcountry skiing, you don’t need a partner.

It Gives You New Perspectives
Whether you’re running on a new trail or an old favorite, you get to see both yourself and the terrain with a fresh set of eyes. To run trails is to say yes to adventure and exploration.

It Does Not Discriminate
Anybody can run trails—no matter your body type, age, race, experience, or identity. Trail running is an activity that anyone can start, stop, or pick up again.

Ultimately, trail running isn’t about the distance or pace; it’s about the experience and being outside. So however you choose to take on trail running, know that it will take you places near and far—mentally and physically.


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