Wild Miles Challenge

For Trail Running Month we challenge you to trade the predictable pavement for wild miles on the trail.  Conquer each weekly challenge to complete a combined 25k on the trail over the month of August.

Wild Miles Challenge

Run Your First Mile: Pick a trail nearby and run your first mile on the trail.

Bring A Friend: Grab a friend or someone who hasn’t tried trail running before and tackle the terrain together.

Try A New Tail: Find a new trail in your area, or maybe far from home, to switch up your scenery.

Go Further: Each trip on the trail is a step further to completing your the combined 25k on the trail.

25K Completed: Successfully completed 25k running on the trail.

Are you in but you don’t want to do it alone? We get it. Follow along with us on social for Trail Running Tips, Tricks, and Pointers. As you crush each milestone be sure to let us know! Post on Instagram Stories using the Wild Miles Instagram Stickers (directions below) and tag @merrell for a chance to win a free pair of the Moab Flight. Want to track your miles? Print out our Distance Tracker.

How to Use the Wild Miles Instagram Stickers 

  1. As you hit the trail this month, snap a selfie to your Instagram Story.
  2. Before you post, go to add a sticker to your story. You can add stickers by tapping  at the top right of your screen.
  3.  Search “wild miles” or “merrell” to find the badge that matches your achievement.
  4. Tag @merrell and post to your story for a chance to win a pair of Moab Flights.