Self-Care is Greater Outdoors

During a time when if felt unsafe to leave our homes, the outdoors – whether your backyard, a city street, a local trail, or neighborhood park – gave us an opportunity, a moment to feel a little less anxious and a little more “normal”.  Join us this week on  all of our social channels to find out all the ways the outdoors can support your self-care practice.

June is National Great Outdoors Month.  We invite you to experience the positive benefits of the outdoors by simply taking your every day indoor activities outside. Every Monday throughout the month we will announce a new theme, partners, and opportunities to take your indoors out, because Everything is Greater Outdoors.

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How to Hike and Have Fun on the Trail with Kids

Bringing the kids along on your outdoor adventures may feel daunting. Instead of focusing on miles or a summit, stick to the basics. These tips will help you enjoy the little moments and create big memories. With a little trial and error, you’ll be raising kiddos who love to hike, and who want to work hard to protect the beautiful trails that they love to explore.

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Celebrating API Heritage Month

Celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month with us by listening and learning from API voices in the outdoor community. Outside Voices Podcast creator Sarah Shimazaki will host live interview sessions each week with a new guest to discuss their personal and cultural connections to nature and what the outdoors means to them.

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